The New Russian Left


“Shit’s fucked at the moment. You get armchairs writing incomprehensible bullshit about dialectics, larpers fighting “revisionists” and “trotskyists”, red conspiratards claiming all the boomer conspiracies Americans got but in reverse, teenage girls thinking western idpol approach is the way, shit tonne of small grifter parties trying to be alternative to kprf to get those donation crumbs, and like 5 or 6 networks of marxist circles trying to figure out what is to be done with this mess. The ride is only beginning.” -anon

Political Parties

From ВЫХОД ЕСТЬ! [There is an Exit]- WHY DEMOCRACY DOES NOT WORK? | Problems of democracy in Russia, the USA and the world.


Online Left

This documentary on Stalin aims to cut through the modern hero/villain dichotomy and is critical of how the modern image of Stalin has become detached from the greater class context of the Soviet Union. Even those who see him as a saint sometimes miss the point.

Finally we end with the uncategorised ‘conspiraboomers’

Monarcho-Nostalgia overlaps here. Full story from РКРП-КПСС here

-Written by anonymous sources.


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