Humans and Robots: Confirmed for Brawl?



All computation and physical action requires the physical resources of space, time, mat-ter, and free energy. Almost any goal can be better accomplished by having more of theseresources. In maximizing their expected utilities, systems will therefore feel a pressureto acquire more of these resources and to use them as efficiently as possible. Resourcescan be obtained in positive ways such as exploration, discovery, and trade. Or throughnegative means such as theft, murder, coercion, and fraud. Unfortunately the pressure toacquire resources does not take account of the negative externalities imposed on others.Without explicit goals to the contrary, AIs are likely to behave like human sociopathsin their pursuit of resources. Human societies have created legal systems which enforceproperty rights and human rights. These structures channel the acquisition drive intopositive directions but must be continually monitored for continued efficacy.- Stephen M. OMOHUNDRO

What is truly interesting about this morphological process is that it also represents a change from capitalism to a form of AI communism. The AI becomes the new worker, and since it already controls the means of production, it can be said that the worker controls the means of production. This is, of course, the basic definition of communism. This fulfills Marx’s prediction that capitalism would develop into communism as a higher mode of production.

big hmmm energy.

Now if only they could remove the worm brain from (insert hate figure)

Pick a side.


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