Sabotage at the Sugar Shop


>be me, small sugary treats packing business manager
>boss tries to sell business without telling us
>new owner comes in a day early and starts throwing his weight around in a deeply weird manner
>me and assistant manager and all staff hand in notice at the same time the next day as a result
>new weirdo not quite owner turns up mid way through day for assistant manager to tell him none of us are staying
>new owner stars talking about us as if we chattel and “part of the deal”
>new owner phones old owner
>meanwhile I’m telling the staff to change all the passwords on all the stuff and basically brick the place in other ways alongside some financial things in minecraft
>tell old owner we are all leaving cos new owners a dick
>refuse to answer new owners calls all day
>old owner calls new owner and tells him to leave the shop until he’s actually bought it
>screams at him to fuck off
>customers leaving in droves
>me deliberately giving both old owner and new owner disinformation
>new owner refuses to leave, admits he has been parked outside the shop every day for the last two weeks watching us
>both old owner and new owner now begging us to stay, promising extra money and so forth
>old owner has told us he will give us extra money to lie to the new owner and say we are staying and then leave as soon as the keys are handed over.

Is all fine by me. In place of a union, deliberately causing maximum c͍͈̻̥̳̆́̋͊̂̐h̝͎͕̱̫ͫͦ̆̓a̭̤̯̞ͥͥ͆͜o̬̎ͤ͒ͨ͗s̯̋̈̑͌ has paid off for me and the staff 🙂